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Random from DIETTO?

Random from Passion Patties

The only episode of this show any of us ever needed to watch.


Dec 18, 2014
10:26 pm
Dec 18, 2014
10:21 pm
Dec 18, 2014
10:16 pm
Dec 18, 2014
10:16 pm
Dec 18, 2014
10:12 pm
Nondramatic TD;LR version: I'm really sorry; I've been going through some life changes but still I've been terrible at doing commissions in a timely manner and I feel like a big lazy dumb jerk; I'm stressed out and I'm not taking more commissions until I finish the ones I owe, and when I open them again there will be changes.

OK, so to get this out of the way, to all of you who commissioned me and have waited for a million years, to all of you who sent me note that I haven't responded to: I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry sorry sorry SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY.  I'm sorry I haven't been professional with you. I'm sorry I've let you down and betrayed your trust when you gave me full up front payment.

To give some context here's what's been going on my my life away from the internet: 
1: I finished school and started panicking in the beginning of the year because of difficulty finding employment.  I've been struggling with depression on top of this and when I broke down in front of my mom she set me up with a job coach. So I have to dedicate time to looking and applying for jobs.
2: I actually found some work, one's for a book to be completed next year and another is a freelance animation gig.  So I've had difficulty managing my time between commissions and this stuff.
3: I got a dog. He's a pitbull and is still a puppy in training. Most of the day I'm home alone with him and I'm not supervising him he sometimes starts to tear up things around the house, so I can't be near a computer when I have to tend to him.
4: I've been getting worse when it comes to my crippling anxiety and depression.  I feel sick to my stomach sometimes, I have trouble sleeping, and I drown my sorrows in idly wasting time on the internet and playing games instead of doing the work I'm supposed to be doing, and then feeling even worse when the day ends and I haven't accomplished anything. It's become a terrible cycle and I desperately need to break it before it's too late.

Thing is, I really see myself as a professional and when I look around and see stuff like "Con artist" and "rip off" whispered around corners of the internet, it really hurts because they're not wrong to think that.  This isn't some attempt to goad fans into making some "Oh no RJS, it's OK, take all the time you need" hugbox, I'm genuinely mad at myself for being so lazy and careless.  It's my fault and starting today I'm gonna take responsibility; no more excuses.

Here's my plan regarding the future of how I'm doing commissions.

1: Commissions are on hold until I finish my massive backlog of owed stuff. The Tenchi Comic, the Totally Spies Comic, and all the pics I'm behind on.  I intend to finish what I start, and I don't want to take anyone else's money when I can't promise when a commission they ask for will be done.

2: When I open commissions back up there will be changes. Back in 2011 when I opened this account to focus on FA/BBW/WG work I had creative energy and was able to get stuff done fast because I was finally getting paid to do art I'm passionate about.  Thing was, I didn't really have a solid plan on going about it. Eventually I lost that energy, and now I'm stuck in a slump with a massive backlog and it's pushing me to my breaking point.  So now I'm enforcing two rigid rules upon myself:

    A:I won't be taking full payment up front anymore. Getting all the money at once kills my incentive to finish quickly, and it isn't fair to the commissioner. 
    B:I'll be implementing a limited amount of slots for picture commissions so I won't overburden myself.  Because of all the things I mentioned in the previous list, I don't have as much spare time for Royal Commissions.  Also it's would provide another incentive to finish things faster.
    C:I might have to adjust prices.  I'll try to keep it fair, but as it stands now I'm going to need more for the amount of time I'm putting in.

In conclusion, I really feel like I've got to steel myself and get my life back into focus, because this account of mine isn't supposed to be a source of stress; it's supposed to be a source of happiness and fun.  Otherwise, what's the point?  Thanks to those of you who have been patient with me, because at this point, you really didn't have to be.  And if you HAVEN'T been patient with me, it's OK, you have every right to be.

If you've read this far, thanks for putting up with my little mea culpa. Getting this off my chest is the first step.

I'll be back real soon.


It's Thanksgiving! 

116 deviants said Yeaaaaah! FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD
38 deviants said That isn't a holiday in my country, you silly Yank


Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

"RoyalJellySammy" on Twitter:

~My Royal Decree~

My bread is soft and delicious, my jelly is sticky and sweet. Women cannot resist the divine taste of my preserves, they will glut themselves until they grow to tremendous jiggly proportions. And I shall bask in their big, beautiful splendor.

I exist to draw beautiful females of abundant adipose form. I accept cash money to draw soft pillowy goddesses on request.

==Royal Price Listing==
$10/quick sketch, +$5 per additional character, +$5 Background
$20/ink, +$5 per additional character, +$5 Background
$25/cel-shaded color, +$5 per additional character, +$5 background
$30/Digital Painting, $5 per additional character, +$5 Background

$25/ink page
$35/color page


Payments are up-front. Please keep in mind I can only fit so many characters in a pic.

==Royal Policy==
Regarding what I will draw for commissions, I...

...Love to do:
-Fat females
-Feeding and stuffing
-Sequences/WG process
-bursting out of clothes, collapsing furniture, and other arbitrary results of WG

...not crazy about, but am open to do:
-Fat Males/Male WG
-Stomach noises, burping
-Sloppy eating
-Breast, belly, butt or other expansion

...Will NOT do:
-Gory popping or bursting
-Scat or gas
-Slob art
-Erotic art of underage characters

Be sure to let me know beforehand.

I'll trade art once I get to know a person and feel like an AT is worth my time.

I don't do requests for free, stop asking.
I don't do requests for free, stop asking.
I don't do requests for free, stop asking.

Comments are encouraged. Any Negative, trolling, or disgusting comments will be hidden and the offending account will be blocked without incident. I don't do drama.


Q: How do I contact you for a commission? How do I pay you?
A: Send me a note, and describe what you would like for me to draw. Remember the rules listed above. If you have reference of the character you want, give me a link. I will send my paypal address and accept payment only AFTER I agree to draw it. I accept PayPal and ONLY PayPal for the time being. DO NOT GIVE OUT MY PAYPAL ADDRESS OR ANY OTHER PRIVATE INFO. (Also, don't describe the commission under paypal comments; people have had their accounts shut down over this.)

Q: What can I do to make the commission process easier for both of us?
A: If you want something specific, be as descriptive as you can. DOn't be too vague, especially if you're commissioning a comic. I can exercise a lot of creative freedom on my own behalf if you can't think of anything, but sometimes I won't be able to think of anything either.

Q: Why won't you do requests?
A: I am a professional artist and I have bills to pay. Also, if I let people tell me what to draw for free, why would anyone pay me?

Q: Why do you draw this stuff? What is WRONG with you?!
A: I'm a freak, all right? Deal.

Q: Do you RP?
A: No, I do not.

Q: Can I color/edit/alter your art, or post it somewhere else?
A: I really would prefer if you didn't. If you do, I would at least appreciate you giving me credit and a link back here.

Q: I don't have any money. Do you accept DA points/some other offer?
A: No. Cash through PayPal only. Don't offer me anything else, I don't want it.

Q: Do you do normal, non-fat, non-fetish art? Can I commission that from you?
A: Yes, on my other account: ... I keep this stuff on a separate account so that people who don't want to see this type of art don't have to.


Wed Dec 17, 2014, 12:46 AM
Need one of those too!
Tue Aug 12, 2014, 1:44 PM
I liek (Fat) turtles
Wed Jun 25, 2014, 1:24 PM
when you'll do another?
Thu Feb 27, 2014, 11:18 AM
You rock! Woo-hoo! :la:
Tue Oct 16, 2012, 12:57 PM
Hi RJS! Thanks for part one of the Sally comic did you recive the payment for part two yet?
Tue Oct 9, 2012, 11:19 PM
I'm not sure what the point of a shout box is when we already have comments, but here it is anyway.
Sun Oct 7, 2012, 11:25 AM


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