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Even though I still have a few commissions still on my backlog(and I WILL be doing them next), I kinda need to get my credit card balance shrunk down ASAP, I'm opening 10 slots for "quick" commissions at $25 each.  They will be plain flat color, one character only.  Oh, and because I'm trying to improve on getting commissions done in a timely manner, I've got a new guarantee: if the commission isn't done within 30 days of payment, I will refund your money (if you want me to). I won't remove the money from my Paypal account until after I finish. For fairness sake, I'll limit clients to only one slot, unless they don't fill up fast enough, then I'll allow two.  I also plan on doing another 10 slots once I finish these, but I want to limit it to 10 so I can get them done in time.

Commission list: 
1. :iconhella-sekella:
2. :icongvsgdude89:
3. :iconjoe-schmendrik:
4. :icondayken:
5. :iconproto-man-x-35:
6. :iconfaking25:
7. :iconstitcheduptogether:
8. :iconneko-gami:
9. :iconthebellybloomisland:
10. :iconcartoonking1:
11. :iconamongthefirst: (Extra slot)

Patreon public release schedule:

Felicia: March 23
Oola: April 10
Lara Croft: April 11
Cooking Mama: April 13
Belldandy: April 16

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How are ya holding up buddy?
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Sorry to hear about your Aunt :/
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And Your Point Iiis??Az én eszem se ment el!And Your Point Iiis?? 
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Have you ever seen Momo Kyun Sword episode 2?
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